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Hi, Y'all... I'm Shahara

Mom. Attorney. Business Strategist.

As a licensed attorney and small business owner for over 22 years, I understand what it means to not only be a small business owner, but support them. Like you, I've seen the ups and downs of business and, as a licensed attorney, I've seen it all!

Overwhelm. Fear. Making mistakes. Endless online searches. Not knowing what to ask or who to ask it too... Yes, that's entrepreneurship and a big part of why I created Contracts Done Wright.

I believe that small business owners want (and deserve) protection in every phase of their entrepreneurship journey. In this litigious world, it is important to "dot your i's and cross your t's" to keep bad actors from ruining your business. Small business owners, like you, should have access to documents that will allow you to protect what you have worked so hard to create. That's why I created Contracts Done Wright.

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