International Customers

I live outside the United States. Can I use your contract templates?
Right now, all of our contract templates are for use in the United States.  We are working with Attorneys in other countries to bring you the contract templates you want and need.  Please submit your suggestions here for templates, languages, and templates for your country of origin.   

Other Questions

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What's your refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with our non-downloadable products and services and are still within Five (5) days of your original purchase date, your request for a refund or exchange for digital product will be honored, no questions asked. You can request it by contacting us at support@theceoeffect.net.   To obtain a refund, you will be required to supply the order and online access code information to Customer Service.
Digital products, which are purchased as an access card or which are downloadable, such as certain eBooks, are not eligible for return.  For more information you can go here[link to Delivery Policies]

Product Questions

Who created these contract templates?
The majority of our templates are drafted by Shahara Wright, an experienced business law attorney licensed to practice in Texas.  These contracts are compiled from her years of experience and formatted to create ease of use.  Templates drafted by other attorneys, are noted for your information.

Why should I use these contract templates:

We will admit when it comes to contract templates there are a lot of options available.  First, only experienced attorneys are drafting these contract templates.  Shahara Wright is an experienced business and nonprofit law attorney with over 20 years of experience.  
Second, these are contract templates that are regularly used by business owners and executives like yourself.  We have formatted each for ease of use and to prevent confusion by you and your clients.  
Third, each year, we review and update the contract templates based on changes in the law. You will have the latest version of templates available at all times.

I just want something simple and easy to use:

Simple, is relative.  What you really want is a template that clearly lays out the responsibilities of you and your clients when working together.  As we discuss in ourContracts 101 e-course, the purpose of a contract is to ensure that both parties are clear about expectations.  And if something goes wrong, someone who is not a party to the contract (a Judge for instance), can understand what is supposed to happen.  
That is what our contract templates do.  Some contracts are longer than others because more needs to be explained and laid out piece by piece.  That is okay!  A contract isn’t simple because it is short, it is simple because it is clear. 

Do these contract templates work in my state? Will they still be valid?

Contracts terms vary by state, in most instances similar language is acceptable.  There are times where a contract will work in one state and not in another.  For example, Non-Compete agreements are not allowed in California, Montana, North Dakota, and Oklahoma.
How do I use these contract templates?
Our contracts are easy to use and are user friendly.  However, we do provide guidelines and explain the use for each contract. You can use it as-is by downloading it, filling in the blanks where prompted and sending it to clients either electronically or physically.
If you have any questions you can attend our monthly support call made available for $50.00.

How are these contract templates delivered?

Each template is delivered immediately in Word formats for easy use "as is."  The word forms are locked and fillable for ease of use. The templates cannot be modified or manipulated except for the fillable portions.

Can I share my template with friends or clients?

No. These templates are not meant to be shared.  If you find that you need access to multiple contact templates to use for various clients, you can sign up for ourMembership program or our Affiliate Program. 

Do I need a contract?

Yes!  Contracts are not some evil invention by attorneys.  They exist because misunderstandings occur and without a written agreement, costly litigation ensues.  To cut down on misunderstandings, contracts are necessary to create a positive environment for business.

Is Contracts Done Wright a law firm?

No.  Contracts Done Wright provides lawyer-drafted templates for your business needs. 
These templates are designed for common business use.  This means that most businesses need these types of templates and we have drafted these templates with that in mind.  Contracts Done Wright does not advise on legal issues.
That being said, sometimes your situation is so specific that you may need an attorney.  If you have a concern that the contracts do not address, you should hire an attorney.  Shahara Wright is licensed to practice law and if you would like to engage her as your attorney and need specialized service, you may access The Wright Firm, PLLC here.

Do I need to send a paper contract to clients?

No, you may use any e-signing platform that you like.  We regularly automate our contact signing process to simplify the sales process.  

Is a custom contract better?

Do you prefer your clothes off the rack or custom made?  It depends, right!  I think it is the same with contracts.  There are times when buying off the rack works for you and there are times when you need something for a special occasion.  Custom contracts are absolutely needed when you have a process that doesn’t fit the mold or you just want to ensure that the contract reflects your particular needs.  
Shahara Wright often drafts contracts and knows that all situations are not made equal.  That is why we have different template versions of the same contract.  We notify you of the distinctions and you can decide which one works best for you.  However, if you still need more customization, we encourage you to obtain an attorney for your legal needs.