Speak 2 Sell Speaker Agreement

Introducing the "Speak to Sell" Speaker Agreement, a comprehensive and mutually beneficial contract designed to empower professional speakers to sell their products and services from the stage while delivering immense value to event planners and attendees. This carefully crafted agreement offers a unique opportunity to boost event profitability, audience engagement, and overall satisfaction.


  • Clear Revenue Sharing Model: The "Speak to Sell" Speaker Agreement outlines a transparent revenue-sharing model between the speaker and the event planner, ensuring that both parties benefit financially from the sales generated during the event.
  • Marketing Support:This agreement offers marketing support for both the speaker and the event planner, providing promotional materials and resources to maximize the visibility and attendance of the event, ultimately leading to higher sales potential.
  • Easy-to-Implement Sales Process: The "Speak to Sell" Speaker Agreement includes guidelines and recommendations for an efficient and seamless sales process during the event, making it easy for attendees to purchase the speaker's products and services.


  • Increased Event Profitability: By allowing speakers to sell their products and services, event planners can enjoy a share of the revenue generated, increasing the overall profitability of the event.
  • Enhanced Attendee Experience: When speakers have the opportunity to sell their products and services from the stage, they are more likely to provide valuable content and actionable insights to the audience, resulting in a more engaging and satisfying event experience.
  • Attracts High-Quality Speakers: The "Speak to Sell" Speaker Agreement is an attractive proposition for top-notch speakers looking to monetize their expertise. By offering this agreement, event planners can attract high-quality speakers who can elevate the event's credibility and draw in larger audiences.

In conclusion, the "Speak to Sell" Speaker Agreement is an invaluable tool for event planners looking to enhance their events, attract top-tier speakers, and generate additional revenue. This unique agreement ensures a win-win situation for both event planners and speakers while providing attendees with an exceptional and valuable event experience.